I used a fork, a notecard, and a flashlight to open the drawer that was stuck, so now I have access to my camera charger and cord! Minus the photos from training, which all got erased, here are some photos of my life in Benin.

1. My fon group from training, during Swear-in. In red is Rigobert, our awesome Fon teacher. This is at the house of the American Ambassador to Benin.

Fon Group

2. My postmates! Maeghan (left, in sunglasses) and Kalyn (middle), both second year Volunteers. Picture taken at Swear-In.


3. Myself, Papa Baladja, Mama Baladja, and Leonie, the language coordinator.

Language Coordinator

4. Petites pretending the rock is a motorcycle. From left to right: Petit (yes, that’s his name. Or at least it’s what people call him), esther (or esth-o), Jonathon, and Ayomide (pronounced eye-oh-mee-day)


5. One of my good friends, GbloGblo and her son Jonathon, outside my concession selling oranges.


6. Christmas fun!

Christmas Fun

7. Kaleytas, the dancing Christmas boy/spirit


8. Christmas at Grand Popo – this is the Rasta bar/camp/inn where I stayed (also meet Geoff, a health volunteer, just waking up)

Grand Popo

9. Fete-ing for New Years with my neighbors