Student Manifesto

The students of CEG Daagbe went on strike. Here is a roughly translated version of their manifesto they posted all over the school during the strike:


Motion to Protest

When will our suffering end?



We, the students of Benin, and in particular of CEG Daagbe.

– In light of the persistance of the wrestling between the unions and government;

– In light of the right to education that has been left by the wayside;

– In light of the fact that we don’t have teachers who will give us knowledge;

– In light of the fact that certain students regularly attend class and others don’t;

– In light of the fact that certain students are profiting from this release to totally forget their notebooks;

– In light of the fact that others are profiting from it to engage in sexually uncontrolled practices;

– In light of the fact that our parents are coping to afford our school fees;

– Also considering that government’s freedom-killing drift in the face of the current movement [i.e. the government’s actions against the teachers’ strike] (drift toward threats, intimidations, and slander…);

– Considering that the president of the republic is making the youth of Benin suffer

– The Confederation of Students of CEG Daagbe calls all students to observe a strike of 72 hours in order to:

1. Energetically protest against the freedom-killing drift of the government and it’s confiscation of the liberties of the union members;

2. Support the teachers in their struggle, ongoing for 3 months, against the arbitrary and the name respect of actions taken by the government;

3. Get the attention of the government [for our demands]:

– the scrupulous respect of liberties dealy acquired

– the satisfaction of the legitimate demands of the pre-school, primary, secondary and university teachers so that classes can begin again in schools paralyzed by the strike, and we also ask all students to leave in a massive movement to reclaim their rights!!!



Done in Daagbe, March 25, 2014


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